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In , B ut the greengrocers are unquestionably rarer now than during the boycott era. Min has conducted several counts of Korean-owned businesses in historically black neighborhoods, and all of them show declines between and For example, central Harlem—th Street between St. Nicholas Avenue and Madison Avenue—was home to 55 Korean-owned stores in , including seven stores selling produce or groceries.

In , Min counted only 14 Korean-owned businesses in the same area, including just one produce store. The Korean Produce Association reports that only 40 to 50 percent of the buyers coming to Hunts Point these days are Korean, down from 80 percent two decades ago. So did a few other pioneering retailers, particularly as the Giuliani-era crime turnaround made the city feel safe for shopping. Their success tempted others. They want to get a check out of a computer. As chains moved in and New York became ever more livable, retail rents rose—54 percent from to , according to the Real Estate Board of New York.

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That growth has flattened somewhat in the recent downturn, but even blighted neighborhoods have gone through periods of gentrification, with reports of landlords doubling rents when leases come up. The restaurant joined a lawsuit over the displacement, and after the economy weakened, it received an invitation back, though the real-estate situation remains in flux.

In recent months, signs plastered all over this utilitarian restaurant, with its buffet lines of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, noted that it would soon move half a block north. Gotham extracts its pound of flesh in other ways, too, from parking fines for delivery trucks to sanitation fines to fines for putting too many words on a store awning. The big chains can absorb these costs or lobby for better treatment; meanwhile, little guys operating on the margins—particularly those whose minority status or lack of English skills makes them a prime target for harassment—face great pressure to give up.

B ut there is another story behind the declining number of Korean grocers—one of economic success. For starters, South Korea itself has grown phenomenally since the early s. Ron Kim calculates that if his father had held on to his South Korean real estate, he might have made just as much money as he did in the grocery business in the United States.

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Immigration to the U. As Americans debate immigration policy yet again, Korean-Americans have shown exactly how immigration should work, vaulting several rungs up the U. His job was to focus on academics and athletics, and he landed enough scholarships to attend Hamilton College and play football there.

My job was to be a good student. Whatever you need, your parents will support you. But there is a big payoff. The high expectations continue through college. Bring a favourite book on farming, food, gardening, sustainability, environment, or anything really, to share briefly why you enjoyed it, what you learned, how it has impacted aspects of your life.

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There will be no pressure to speak and you are welcome to just come to listen. If you have a copy of Retrosuburbia by David Holmgren please bring it. Or it is available from the Korumburra Library. Please park in Coal Creek Carpark.


Gold coin donation. For some of the time each month, we are reading and discussing Retrosuburbia by David Holmgren — a guide to a resilient future. Whether you are on a small block or in a unit or on land of some acres, this book is inspiring. Are you looking to create a more sustainable life? Would you like to be more resilient in the face of growing uncertainties?

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Would you like to retrofit your house, your community and your life? Find out more on Tuesday! What are the benefits of a good curry? Curries are delicious and beautifully warming. We will be making a fragrant chicken korma curry or vegetarian option with a south east Asian twist using fresh local seasonal vegetables and herbs. This class is part of our home cooking series and is on June 6 from 1 pm to 3.

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Join us. Here is the Eventbrite link to buy your ticket. Skip to content. I acknowledge the State Library of Victoria as the source of the work. Uncle Lloyd welcomed us to country. Saturday, 28 September As a greengrocer or seller of whole foods, fruit and vegetables, you have a lot of scope when it comes to products.

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